Flacco remains laid-back

Flacco remains laid-back
March 5, 2013, 7:45 am
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Joe Flacco learned of his new deal while at Flacco family pizza night

Pressure, what pressure?

If you’re selling that Joe Flacco now carries a ton of pressure as the highest-paid player in the NFL, the Ravens quarterback isn’t buying. (Though with a six-year, $120 million contract, he certainly could afford it.) That’s strictly a media creation, he said at his signing news conference on Monday.

There is pressure, he told the media, “if you are looking at it from your guys’ view. But, us as players and myself, you don’t really feel that, I don’t think. When you are going out there and when you’re on the field, you have confidence in what you’re doing, and you’re just trying to execute the plays. The last thing you’re worried about is what you’re getting paid.”

In some players, you might find such a comment disingenuous, but part of what Flacco has built his career on is how laid-back he is. So we’re inclined to take him at his word.

In fact, Flacco’s laid-back-ness was kind of a running theme through the news conference. For example, he was asked about possibly drawing more endorsement offers now that he’s a Super Bowl MVP and how interested he is.

“I don’t know. If anybody can come up to me and give me deals that I don’t really have to do anything for … but when you get a $120 million contract, you don’t really need to be searching for too much money. If people are going to get me off my couch — it already takes a lot. It’s going to take a little bit extra now.”

(News conference transcript via baltimoreravens.com.)