Flacco speaking new offensive language

Flacco speaking new offensive language
June 23, 2014, 8:00 am
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When the Ravens return from vacation to start training camp, Joe Flacco hopes to have a new language mastered. 

The Ravens are learning different terminology under new offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak. The playbook is different. The verbiage is different. Calling plays quickly in the huddle is one of the challenges Flacco needs to master by Week 1.

“The biggest thing is just getting comfortable, getting the play from the coaches and going in there making sure you spit it out right, because you can picture it in your mind, but it is a pretty wordy system at times,” Flacco said after mandatory minicamp concluded. “You just have to make sure that you get it to your teammates in the right way so that you don’t confuse anybody. There are times when that happens a little bit, but I think that all three of the quarterbacks have done a pretty good job of being on top of that stuff and having as little miscommunication as possible.”

The Ravens want to play at a fast tempo, call plays quickly, and give Flacco time to read defenses and make adjustments before the play clock winds down. Flacco expects some growing pains with the new offense, but is excited about the possibilities. 

“It’s tough to really rate how different we’re going to look,” Flacco said. “I hope we look a lot different, because I hope we’re going to be a lot better.” 

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