Forecast calls for rain Sunday for Ravens-Bears

Forecast calls for rain Sunday for Ravens-Bears
November 15, 2013, 2:15 pm
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Can Ravens take advantage of weak Bears' run defense?


The Ravens are bracing for wet weather Sunday in Chicago.

The forecast calls for a strong chance of rain, with afternoon temperatures in the low 60’s. That’s balmy for Chicago in November, but if it rains, the grass at Soldier Field will be sloppy for the Ravens-Bears game, making footing and ball handling more treacherous.

“You better take your time taking the snap exchange, throwing, catching, put it away first,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh said. “You better be more cognizant of it. We have done a lot of wet ball work throughout the course of the season, so you’d like to think that would pay off. Whatever team does a better job is going to have a better chance of winning.”

If it does rain, Ravens receiver Torrey Smith hopes Joe Flacco’s strong arm works as an advantage.

“Obviously as a receiver, if you could pick, you wouldn’t choose to play in the rain,” Smith said. “But we’re a team that can adapt and play in any weather. For us, you just got to focus on the fundamentals and make the plays.

“Joe can make every single throw. That’s one thing you can say about him. He has a strong enough arm that the rain doesn’t necessarily affect him. I just have to focus on looking the ball in. Joe will definitely get it there.”