Former Bears GM unimpressed with Flacco

Former Bears GM unimpressed with Flacco
February 12, 2014, 9:45 am
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Former Bears general manager Jerry Angelo was not very impressed with Joe Flacco’s performance in 2013. Writing for the, Angelo ranked every NFL quarterback’s 2013 performance. Flacco ranked No. 19, and Angelo clearly thought about dropping the Ravens’ starting quarterback even lower.

Flacco was lumped into a category titled “Solid traits but limited. Can win with him, but need a good supporting cast and quality coaching. Shown to be a consistent performer, but not a top one.” Joining Flacco in that category were Andy Dalton of the Bengals (ranked 17th), Carson Palmer of the Cardinals (18th), and Eli Manning of the Giants (20th). Angelo made specific comments on each quarterback, and his thoughts on Flacco were pointed.

“He (Flacco) only gets into this category because of his Super Bowl win,” Angelo wrote. “I’m not sold he has the ability to be an elite QB. He can play too cautious or get locked onto a receiver. He can be hot and cold, needs to be more room temperature if the Ravens are going to make a run again.”

You can check out Angelo’s complete list of 2013 quarterback rankings here:

It’s safe to say that Flacco and Angelo will not be going on a fishing trip together. It’s also ironic that Angelo traded for Jay Cutler when Angelo was still the Bears’ general manager. Unlike Flacco, Cutler has never won a Super Bowl, and he has led the Bears to the playoffs just once in five seasons. In contrast, last year was the first time the Ravens missed the playoffs during Flacco’s six seasons as their quarterback.

Angelo rated Cutler’s 2013 season better than Flacco’s, but Angelo did have criticism for Cutler as well.

“He (Cutler) has all the physical tools, but inconsistent in the clutch,” Angelo wrote. “Mostly due to a lack of poise…The less he’s asked to see the better he is. A better half field general than a full field one.”

Flacco can wave a Super Bowl ring in Angelo’s face. Flacco has already won nine playoffs games, he often plays his best in clutch situations, and he has never missed a start. All very important traits for a franchise quarterback.

Yet, there is no question 2013 was disappointing. Being sacked 48 times did not help Flacco’s cause, playing behind an offensive line that struggled, and with a running game that was abysmal.

However, Flacco threw 22 interceptions, a career high, and his 19 TD passes were the fewest since his rookie season. The hiring of offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak and quarterbacks coach Rick Dennison were critical offseason moves by the Ravens. Their job is to help Flacco become more consistent at this stage of his career, because Flacco needs to play better than he did in 2013. Meanwhile, the front office needs to upgrade the offensive line and receiving corps to provide Flacco with a more productive supporting cast.

Flacco has already proven he can win a Super Bowl, but his inconsistent play in 2013, coupled with his six-year, $120.6 million contract, have opened the door for more criticism. At least the Ravens know Flacco has plenty to keep him motivated this offseason.