Good news: Flacco, Ravens are talking

Good news: Flacco, Ravens are talking
February 23, 2013, 12:15 pm
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The Ravens are very much aware that re-signing quarterback Joe Flacco is going to be one of their biggest goals of the off-season. That's why it's good to see them start talking again, like they were Friday.

Both sides talked last summer and couldn't quite get a deal done although it was apparently close. General manager/executive vice president Ozzie Newsome said as much at the team's season-ending press conference a few weeks ago. 

"We did, prior to the start of the season, get very close to a deal, but we did not come to an agreement," Newsome said at the press conference. "It was a decision by [Flacco’s agent] Joe Linta, [vice president of football administration] Pat [Moriarty], Joe Flacco and I that we would stop negotiating once the season started. Everybody was on board with that, and we would allow the season to play itself out."

Both sides have said they want to get a deal done, and the longer it doesn't, the harder it becomes. They've got until March 4 before having to put a franchise tag on the quarterback.

Flacco's got a lot more punch or leverage than last summer because of his play in leading the Ravens to the Super Bowl title, and he knows the team wants him back. 

This is a situation where both sides are starting from a pretty good place. Now, they've got just over a week to get a deal done. The question now is how far apart were they when the discussions stopped before the season? That could be the sticking point. 

For now, though, the fact that they're talking is a good sign. The coming days should be interesting.