Guesses, predictions and musings on Sunday's game

Guesses, predictions and musings on Sunday's game
December 21, 2012, 11:00 am
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This Sunday's game with the Giants could be a lot for the Ravens in a few different ways. However, they're coming into it with less than a full deck based upon all of the injuries they've been dealing with of late, especially on defense. So here's a few things we've been thinking about heading into the contest:

1. Will the offense play better this week? I think they'll be more effective. I also think Ray Rice is going to get the ball more, especially due to Bernard Pierce's injury problems. The better the offense, the less pressure on the defense.

2. Can Joe Flacco right himself? The real question is will he have the TIME to right himself. The Giants have a very good front line on defense, and with the Ravens' offensive line struggling, Flacco could get more than a few hits on Sunday, and if that can't be controlled, it will affect the game. Despite what all of the Flacco-haters in town want to think, he's an effective quarterback, but he can't throw while sitting on the ground or in the arms of another player.

3. Can the Ravens get better pass coverage or a better pass rush? Those are two of the biggest questions heading into this game. It's just a replay of last week or any other time the Ravens have played an elite quarterback. If they give Eli Manning time to throw, he'll crush them. Or if they can't cover Victor Cruz and friends, they'll burn them. But the Ravens did do better for long stretches in these areas last week, and if they can continue, it will affect this game.

4. Which team will be madder after a poor game last week? I think that even though the Giants have more to lose with a loss, the Ravens are not going to want to drop a third straight game at home plus a win just gives them the AFC North title. If they can't get their wings up for this one, it poses serious questions.