Harbaugh can be a creative motivator

Harbaugh can be a creative motivator
July 26, 2013, 7:00 am
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In his quest to win another Super Bowl, expect Ravens coach John Harbaugh to use many methods of motivation. Like taking the players to Gettysburg on Wednesday. Or wearing tee shirts inscribed with inspirational messages. Or repeating famous quotes from historic leaders like Winston Churchill.

Harbaugh likes motivating players. It has been one of his strengths during his five seasons as a head coach. Before the Ravens opened camp, Harbaugh said he met with the team for about 90 minutes. What was his message?

“This is our opportunity,” Harbaugh said. “The 2012 Baltimore Raven football team provided us an opportunity that no other team can do, and that is win two (Super Bowls) in a row. The 2013 team is responsible to try to get that done.”

Coming off a Super Bowl season does not mean Harbaugh will allow players to cut corners. Wide receiver Jacoby Jones had to take the mandatory conditioning test twice, after he failed on his first attempt. Harbaugh did not allow left tackle Bryant McKinnie to practice Thursday, because Harbaugh was not comfortable with McKinnie’s weight.

Linebacker Elvis Dumervil said Harbaugh’s attention to detail was one reason he signed with the Ravens as a free agent. 

“Coach Harbs isn’t going to let (complacency) happen,” Dumervil said. “That’s one of the reasons I chose to come here. I felt the leadership here was outstanding. I want a ring.”

Harbaugh badly wants another ring. Early in training camp, that message is getting across.