Harbaugh gives staff SB trophy replicas

Harbaugh gives staff SB trophy replicas
July 7, 2013, 11:00 pm
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Harbaugh drops $200K on trophy replicas

Coach John Harbaugh stressed "The Team" throughout the 2012 season. And now, after the Ravens won the Super Bowl, he's trying to make sure everyone shares in the presents.

National Football Post recently broke the story that Harbaugh gave each assistant coach a replica of the famed Lombardi Trophy before everyone left for vacation. The report said these trophies are estimated to have a price tag of about $10-20,000 apiece, and right now, Harbaugh's got 22 assistants. 

Do the math. The numbers are impressive. 

The subtle message here is interesting. Since Harbaugh pushed the team concept all season, it says that they all helped win it, so to the victor goes the spoils. The team will display the trophy at its offices, but each coach played a big role in helping earn it, so they each come away with one of their own.

The team message is a very important one in sports nowadays, especially at the professional level. There's so many "me-first" athletes -- and people -- in the world that it's crucial to make everyone focus on one goal. Harbaugh seems to have constantly reminded those on his team that the goal in 2012 was to work as a team all the time. 

The results sure paid off last season. This was a team that needed to overcome crippling injuries that caused numerous problems all year long. Sometimes it seemed like there were just too many hurdles overall.

But by sticking together, the Ravens battled through and came away with the championships. And then why shouldn't everyone share in the spoils of this victory? 

It sends a strong message that won't be forgotten.