Harbaugh has mixed feelings after win

Harbaugh has mixed feelings after win
February 4, 2013, 12:45 pm
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NEW ORLEANS – Ravens coach John Harbaugh had just achieved the dream of any NFL coach: He had won the Super Bowl. Yet he said he felt very conflicted as the game ended, knowing that by winning, he had effectively crushed the dream of his brother, Jim.

“The toughest moment of all was walking across the field (at the end of the game),” John Harbaugh said here on Monday morning at the traditional news conference held by the Super Bowl-winning coach. “You feel an incredible amount of elation, with an incredible amount of devastation. Those two feelings went hand in hand at that moment. And I’m still feeling it.”

Harbaugh said he has not talked to Jim since the game ended, and when asked if he thought the two Harbaugh brothers might one day watch the Super Bowl over again together, he said, “Absolutely not.”

Harbaugh said his parents, who watched the game in NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s box, “are as proud as can be.”

Harbaugh said that his parents “were under orders from Jim and I both to enjoy the week and have a good time. That was our instruction, and they did. …I think it was great for them right up until kickoff and then it wasn’t so great.”

Working on little sleep after the Ravens victory party, Harbaugh smiled as he held the Lombardi Trophy, but he couldn’t hide the pain he felt for his brother.

“There is no loser in the Super Bowl,” Harbaugh said. “We’re kind of like it’s No .1 or or nothing kind of society, but that is so not right.”

“Those are two great teams that just fought a heated battle, played a great football game, a historic football game. … We’ll be watching that on NFL Films for years to come, and to me that’s what counts.”