Here come the hard decisions for Ravens

Here come the hard decisions for Ravens
March 9, 2013, 12:15 pm
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So word's leaked out now that Anquan Boldin might have to restructure his contract or the Ravens would let him go. Losing him would be very hard to deal with, but that's the way of the world in today's NFL.

The salary cap is, overall, a good thing in the NFL. It helps keep parity and avoids situations like in other sports where teams with big money can do anything they want and stay competitive all the time. 

But there's also the bad side--and that's what the Ravens are dealing with.

The Ravens don't have as much cap room as they'd probably like -- most teams are in that situation -- but that forced them to prioritize their off-season signings. There's no question that Joe Flacco was first on the line. He had to be, especially after last season. 

The Ravens then wanted to make a deal to keep linebacker Dannell Ellerbe. That's not surprising. He truly had a break-out season in 2012 and was a big reason the Ravens won the Super Bowl. 

With Ray Lewis retiring, the Ravens need help at the inside linebacker position, and Ellerbe looks like he could be something special. However, the Ravens need to make sure they've got enough cap space left to sign Ellerbe, and that affects Boldin.

The Ravens have an advantage over most teams. There's a chance they could lose both Boldin and Ellerbe, something no one here would like. If they do, the Ravens wouldn't have much trouble getting a veteran to come here and play. After all, the Ravens just won the Super Bowl and are considered one of the NFL's best places to play. 

Or, they could somehow keep Boldin and Ellerbe and not have to worry about any of this. 

Only time will tell.