How high will the Ravens go for Mckinnie?

How high will the Ravens go for Mckinnie?
March 11, 2013, 9:30 pm
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Meanwhile, over on the offensive line …

While the news from Ravensville has focused on the departure of clutch receiver Anquan Boldin, there is another large piece of the Baltimore offense out there waiting to see if the Ravens will bring him back. And when we say large, we do mean large.

Left tackle Bryan McKinnie is about to enter the free-agent market, and though he would return to Baltimore, he won’t give the Ravens any breaks on a new contract after they cut his deal by $1 million on the eve of last season amid concerns about his conditioning.

"They already got me at the discount last season," McKinnie told Monday. "They bought a Maserati; they need to pay for the insurance."

(The Maserati line drew this response from Pro Football Talk: “The fact he showed up the size of a Winnebago caused them to put regular gas instead of premium in him this summer.”)

In McKinnie’s favor: a strong postseason in which his reinstatement as the starting left tackle settled the Ravens offensive line and played a key role in their run to a Super Bowl title. In McKinnie’s disfavor: his age (34 during next season) and his proclivity to let his weight creep into the upper 300s on his 6-foot-8 frame.

With the Ravens’ limited cap space, they seem unlikely to pay that big sticker price for McKinnie. He just may find himself languishing in the used-car lot this off-season.