How will the changes play out?

How will the changes play out?
May 8, 2013, 12:15 pm
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The Ravens did the right thing by not being afraid to make the moves they made after winning the Super Bowl. Now, the question is how everything comes together. 

In sports, the toughest thing to find is team chemistry. It's so tough to get but so valuable for a team to have -- and is always so important.

Teams with good chemistry and talent win. You can count on it. Bank on it. That's one reason the Ravens did so well with Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and friends. They had that chemistry. This group clicked in so many ways on the field that it was something to see and a lot of fun to watch.

Now, they've got to look for a new chemistry. Can they find it? Or enough of it to remain an elite NFL team? 

The Ravens have plenty of talent this year even though they look a lot different than the 2012 team which won the Super Bowl. They're younger and faster. Top draft pick Matt Elam is going to make some noise in the back, and they've got other rookies and new players who will do the same.

But how will they all fit together? That's the big question. How will they connect on the field? The Ravens seem to be looking for team-first players who are good men off and on the field. No more from the me-me file. John Harbaugh has made it clear he wants good guys under his watch. That will make the Ravens an easier team for him to coach.

This chemistry won't show up right away. It will take some time. But if it does, the Ravens won't look too much different than in the past. And that's good for all of their fans.