Huff hopes to reach playoffs with Ravens

Huff hopes to reach playoffs with Ravens
May 26, 2013, 1:15 pm
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Huff hopes to carry on tradition of great Ravens' D

Michael Huff should be hungry to join a successful franchise like the Ravens.

In his first seven NFL seasons with the Raiders, Huff never made the playoffs. In fact, the Raiders never finished above .500 during Huff’s tenure.

Compare that to the Ravens, who have made the playoffs five consecutive seasons. This is the kind of situation Huff has longed for, a chance to play in the postseason instead of watching it.

The biggest challenge for Huff will be filling the shoes of Ed Reed at free safety. Reed is a future Hall of Fame player with rare instincts. There are plays that Reed makes that Huff simply will not.

However, Reed is not the same player he was five years ago, while Huff is 30 years old, four years younger than Reed. There is little doubt that Huff is a better tackler and more durable. Huff has only missed four games during his seven-year career. Reed is recovering from recent hip surgery and will miss the Texans’ OTA’s.

How quickly Huff becomes comfortable in the Ravens’ system remains to be seen. He will be tested by opposing quarterbacks more than Reed was. Reed made so many plays during his career that many quarterbacks thought twice before throwing in his direction. Huff will not get that same respect. But that will also give him an opportunity to make plays.

Much has been said about the talent the Ravens lost on defense. But in Huff and linebacker Elvis Dumervil, the Ravens have acquired two starters that will bring a fresh element to the locker room. Neither has been to the Super Bowl. Both want to etch their niche in a defense with a proud history.

It has been a long wait for Huff – seven years, and zero playoff games. However, joining the Ravens may bring Huff’s non-postseason drought to an end. 

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