Injuries also indirectly affect both special teams

Injuries also indirectly affect both special teams
December 8, 2012, 5:45 pm
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Injuries have hit the Ravens very hard on defense this season. However, the Ravens have depth which has helped them plug some holes and still play well enough to stay on top of the AFC North.

Still, the one area that depth has kind of accidentally hurt or affected a little bit is the special teams. 

The Ravens have had to move players around to different spots this season due to all of the problems. For example, they've put Corey Graham, a strong guy on special teams, over into the secondary after losing guys like Lardarius Webb, Jimmy Smith  and others due to injuries.

However, that pulled Graham away from the main area the Ravens signed him for -- special teams.

"Now, obviously, when you take a Corey Graham out of the mix, you've got an All-Pro special teams player, and he's no longer playing special teams, it has an effect," said assistant head coach/special teams coordinator Jerry Rosburg. "But he continues to help us in so many ways. He's in every meeting, he's coaching the guys that replaced him, and everyone in the National Football League goes through this. We're no different."

Rosburg also said that, with special teams, new players need to work on and get used to new roles. The faster they adjust, regardless of the position, the more it helps the team. 

"Our practices are designed to get everybody ready to play; you'll see us practice out there...with guys in the kickoff return team -- the show team, so to speak -- that may be playing on Sunday on our kickoff return team," he said. "And it's designed so that we have competitive practice, [which] makes for better play, and it's also designed where we're always developing all of our players, not just the guys that are going to be playing on Sunday."

Special teams have been a strength for the Ravens all season, regardless of who's playing there. They're hoping to keep everything the same.