Injury ends Lewis' Kilimanjaro climb

Injury ends Lewis' Kilimanjaro climb
July 5, 2013, 11:00 am
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Ray Lewis has scrapped his attempt to climb Mount Kilimanjaro because of a foot injury and a fever, but he remains in Tanzania with the team, which is on a mission to promote clean water in Africa.

According to TackleKili, the climbing expedition organized by WorldServe International & Pros for Africa, Lewis' foot was bothering him after spending the day on his feet helping doctors through the Starkey Hearing Mission; Lewis tweeted a photo of a Lewis with a young boy and the message, "To give someone hearing for the 1st time in their life is Life changing."

But TackleKili said in a statement that, "by evening Ray knew something was wrong. A fever spiked and his foot, which had been injured and re-injured during his 17 year career, began to swell. This was not good. In the end, Ray’s decision was to let the team move on without him, rather than hold them back or put himself in a position where an injury which requires surgery could become even more complicated. "

Lewis will remain with the team, assisting at lower altitude, while the climbing team, which includes Doug Pitt, the brother of actor Brad Pitt; and former NFL defensive lineman Tommie Harris, goes on.

Frank Gamble, one of the climb's organizers, explained in a video just before the team departed that, "Last night, he (Lewis) had a bad night, fevered, and really rough. This morning when he woke up, the foot was killing him. Years of injuries and all of that. We're gonna miss him. I just say good-bye to him, told him we love him. He made a significant contribution financially to provide safe water to people."

Lewis tweeted that, "Foot pain grew worse after yesterday's hearing mission. The team goes on; I will serve otherwise4 #cleanwater"

If the team stays on schedule, the climbers will summit Kilimanjaro on Sunday.