Jacoby Jones in dance doubleheader

Jacoby Jones in dance doubleheader
May 8, 2013, 9:30 am
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There’s a huge intimidation factor going on with “Dancing With The Stars” when it comes to Jacoby Jones. No, it’s not that Jones cuts such an athletic figure that he’s psyching out the other competitors. It’s Jones’ mother.

Since she gave judge Len Goodman the stare-down last week, Goodman has given nothing but effusive praise to the Ravens wide receiver/kick returner. Goodman loved Jones’ two performances this week — a waltz with partner Karina Smirnoff and a pasodoble with Smirnoff and added dancer Cheryl Burke.

Jones was quite the smooth stepper in the waltz, gliding across the floor as he ferried Smirnoff. He added a pop-the-shirt-open moment toward the end, which clearly pleased the audience and judge Carrie Ann Inaba.

The second dance featured Jones in some kind of bullfighter get-up, including a red cape that he flung to the floor at one point, nearly tripping up Burke. To the tune of “It’s a Man’s World,” Jones went flying, leaping over Smirnoff and Burke and then finishing by sliding under them. Maybe I’m the only one, but Jones’ shimmying on the floor after that slide reminded me of the “gator” portion of the dance scene with the Deltas in “Animal House.”

When everyone’s points were tallied, Jones and Smirnoff ended up where they usually are, in fourth place. However, this is becoming a more treacherous spot. The show is down to five pairs. So unless Jones’ mom can intimidate all of the country’s fan voters, he is risking elimination if he continues to fall in the same spot in the pecking order.