Johnson fires back at Elam, looks forward to Monday

Johnson fires back at Elam, looks forward to Monday
December 12, 2013, 3:00 pm
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Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson did not waste his chance to fire back at Ravens safety Matt Elam, prior to Monday night’s Ravens-Lions game. Though Elam said he meant no disrespect, he referred to the 28-year-old Johnson as “pretty old” on Wednesday. Using some humor during a Thursday conference call, Johnson got his point across.

“I am getting old,” Johnson said. “It’s all good, though. I’ll show him what that old man strength is about. “I don’t need motivation. Anything negative that comes at me throughout the week…You just take it, put it over in that box for motivation and use it on Sunday.”

Johnson then took another shot at Elam when asked about watching him on tape. This comment will probably make the Ravens’ bulletin board, as Johnson called out not only Elam, but Ravens safety James Ihedigbo.

“I think Matt does a good job with his eyes,” Johnson said. “If we get those guys out of position, though, we can make some plays. Just safeties – nothing extraordinary, but I think they’re definitely guys that we can make plays on.”

It’s to say that Johnson is looking forward to Monday night.

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