Jones talks about health scare, hopes to play soon

Jones talks about health scare, hopes to play soon
September 12, 2013, 1:15 pm
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Ravens defensive end Arthur Jones provided details Thursday about the medical condition that forced him to miss last week’s game against the Broncos.

Jones said that he didn’t have a virus around his heart, as had been reported in several places. However, Jones said his heartbeat was racing following the Panthers preseason game and would not settle down. Feeling good now, Jones returned to practice this week, but was uncertain if he would play Sunday vs. the Browns.

Jones said it was a scary situation that had never happened to him before, and he remained unsure what caused the problem. After a battery of tests, Jones has been cleared to practice after a two-week absence.

“The rhythm of my heart wasn’t beating correctly,” Jones said Thursday. “They were just trying to make sure everything was right before they threw me back on the field. They ran a bunch of tests. Got a few second opinions and feel great.

“Felt like a lab rat for a few weeks, but I’m good. It was definitely stressful for a little bit. Growing up in the church, I just put my faith in God. If my time for playing football was over, I had a good run at it. But my work isn’t done yet. God had better plans for me.

“It wasn’t a virus. It wasn’t a heart attack. Just something weird - accident that just happened. Feel good now. Whenever the coach gives me clearance to play, it’s going to be a great feeling.”

Jones said doctors wanted to make sure he was checked thoroughly before he returned.

“Anytime when you have something with the heart, it’s a liability to throw a guy back out there,” Jones said. “That’d be the worse case scenario, me kick over out there.” 

Asked if would play Sunday, Jones said, “I have no idea. It’s not my decision. It’s up to the trainers, the doctors.  I don’t feel that far out of shape. The last three or days I’ve been pushing it pretty hard trying to get myself ready to play. Control the controllable, that’s all I can do.”