Josh Freeman to Bengals?

Josh Freeman to Bengals?
October 3, 2013, 10:30 pm
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The Buccaneers have cut ties with their former starting quarterback, Josh Freeman. Meanwhile, in Cincinnati, not everyone is sold on Andy Dalton as the QB to take the Bengals where they want to go.

So you know where this is going.

Actually, even before the Bucs got rid of Freeman, as their displeasure with him became more and more a matter before the public, chatter had started. A couple of days ago, SB Nation’s Cincy Jungle even ran a poll asking whether the Bengals should trade for Freeman (48 percent no, 37 percent yes, 15 percent not sure).

Dalton is coming off an uninspiring performance against the Browns, 23 of 42 for 206 yards with an interception. So far this season, he has five touchdown passes and four interceptions and an OK-but-not-outstanding passer rating of 83.2.

So with the Bengals 2-2, you can understand a certain amount of restlessness and perhaps even wistful looking at a 6-foot-6, 240-pound QB who has shown flashes of outstanding play. However, regardless of whatever negative talk about Freeman is out there now — who knows how much of it planted by a Tampa Bay organization that wanted to be done with him — keep in mind that he has displayed inconsistency throughout his five-year NFL career.

In a statistical comparison of Dalton and Freeman at, the numbers look fairly similar, with Dalton having key advantages in TD/interception ratio (1.58 to 1.21) and career passer rating (83.8 to 73.8).

Would adding Freeman make any sense, or is it just a Twitter, blog, message-board thing? It appears fairly certain Freeman will end up somewhere in the league soon — unless the Bucs have so poisoned the NFL waters for him — but Cincinnati doesn’t seem like the place.