King: Flacco, Ravens talking

King: Flacco, Ravens talking
February 25, 2013, 5:00 pm
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Are the Ravens making progress in the Joe Flacco negotiations?

There's lots of speculation -- and there will be plenty more -- in the coming days before some kind of resolution takes place. But Peter King of Sports Illustrated wrote something interesting in his Monday Morning QB column earlier today.

King talked about how Pat Moriarity, who negotiates for the Ravens and Flacco's agent Joe Linta "spent four hours together Friday night, then were spotted at the Capital Grille having dinner. This isn't degenerating into what happened last summer -- yet, and I don't think it will --  when Linta and Flacco walked away with a deal agonizingly close. The Ravens know they can find a way to do a cap-friendly deal in years one and two, Flacco knows he doesn't want to leave Baltimore, and the extended conversation is a good sign that the two sides can reach a five- or six-year deal to keep the unsigned Flacco in Baltimore through the middle of his prime years before free agency opens in two weeks."

In the end, no matter what any of us say or write about the Flacco situation at this time, it's pure speculation. But again, as long as both sides are talking, that's got to be seen as a positive sign.

That's the point that King was trying to make in his column. Both sides have to be optimistic since they share the same goal-- keeping the quarterback in Baltimore.

Now it's about sitting down and working out all of the numbers. Admittedly, that's the hard part, but it's good to see that both sides are banging away. The Ravens certainly don't want to lose the quarterback, and he wants to stay in town.