Longer extra points not likely to phase Tucker

Longer extra points not likely to phase Tucker
August 3, 2014, 9:30 am
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Justin Tucker kicks a field goal for the Ravens against the Bengals

(Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports)

Ravens kicker Justin Tucker does not like to think about the last time he missed an extra point.

“It was high school, maybe my junior year,” Tucker said. “Hate it.”

Tucker and all NFL kickers are about to face a new challenge. During the first two weeks of the preseason, the NFL will experiment with longer extra points, moving the ball back from the two-yard line to the 15 yard line for point-after attempts. The experiment will debut Sunday night during the Bills-Giants Hall of Fame game.

If the NFL eventually decides to make extra points longer, Tucker says he will live with it, even if he will not like it.

“If there is a rule change, we’ll adapt and overcome,” Tucker said. “But I don’t think the game needs to be changed unless there’s a real safety concern. I think people are proposing these rule changes just because maybe they don’t have anything better to do.”

Coming off a Pro Bowl season, Tucker is not worried about the longer extra point. He kicked a 61-yard game-winner against the Lions last season, and during practice Tucker routinely makes kicks from 65 yards.

Asked on Saturday what his range was, Tucker said this.

“I try not to think in terms of, ‘What’s the max kick that I can hit,’ in general,” Tucker said. “Last season we started out in Denver in September; it’s warm out, the field is in decent shape – even after a Kenny Chesney concert the night before. I hit one from 79 (yards) in pregame there.

“But then fast forward to November – it’s cold out, it’s windy – and my max on the day both ways could be in between 62 and 65 (yards).”

That does not sound like a 33-yard extra point will be a problem.

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