A look at Ravens' free agency

A look at Ravens' free agency
April 1, 2013, 7:15 pm
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ESPN.com gave some interesting observations on the Ravens and what they've done so far in this topsy-turvy off-season. 

Matt Williamson gave the Ravens just a C+. He said that "the Ravens' roster has been noticeably weakened, but when analyzing their offseason, we can't overlook that the Super Bowl champions have locked up Joe Flacco." 

The Flacco signing, along with that of Elvis Dumervil, is what will affect the team the most in the coming years and even though the Ravens lost a number of players, there's no question that these two moves will give the team some punch. 

Jamison Hensley of ESPN put in his two cents' worth. Hensley, who used to cover the team for The Sun, said he'd give the Ravens a B-, slightly higher than his compatriot. 

Hensley said that "the Ravens couldn't overpay for linebacker Dannell Ellerbe and safety Ed Reed, and in return, they got great value on pass-rusher Elvis Dumervil and safety Michael Huff. The worst decision was trading wide receiver Anquan Boldin."

At this point, both observations seem true. There's no question that the Ravens have some holes to fill. Free agency can help them, but the question is how much the Ravens will use it. They'll get help from the draft, but free agency is far from over. 

The Ravens were caught in a tough spot this year, similar to what happened after 2001. They didn't have a lot of wiggle room under the cap and had to make a lot of tough decisions, something that was more difficult because they were coming off a Super Bowl victory. 

But the team is looking at remaining at a high competitive level for years to come, and they'll likely be patient with their moves, something they've made a habit of in years past.