Look who's questioning Ray Lewis now

Look who's questioning Ray Lewis now
January 29, 2013, 12:00 am
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It’s one thing for some NFL media type or blogger to express cynicism about Ray Lewis’ announced retirement and speculate that, no matter how sincere he sounds, No. 52 will be back playing linebacker for the Ravens next season.

It’s not quite as easy to dismiss, but such talk doesn’t necessarily gain much traction even when it comes from a friend and former teammate such as the NFL Network’s Deion Sanders.

(To refresh your memory, Sanders said: “I don’t believe it — I really don’t.”)

But now Ed Reed has jumped into the mix on Monday, the day of the Ravens’ arrival in New Orleans for the Super Bowl.

As NFL.com reported, Reed told the media not to be “so sure” about Lewis’ retirement and said: "Maybe he'll play 10 games next year."

The Ravens safety hasn’t played in the Super Bowl before, but he certainly knows how to drop a nugget for the gathered media horde.

Just remember, though, that Lewis has been steadfast in maintaining this is it for his playing career. As CSNbaltimore.com’s Raven maven J. Michael quoted him saying recently: “Nah, I can't come back. My kids are calling for Daddy. It's a great reward to see the sacrifice my babies have made for me, and it's time that I sacrifice for them.”