Modell influence remains

Modell influence remains
January 21, 2013, 6:15 pm
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Ravens must be all business when they get to New Orleans

When speaking with the media on Monday, coach John Harbaugh said he's been very proud of how the Ravens have battled through so many difficult hurdles this season en route to a Super Bowl appearance. 

The Ravens have dealt with a number of off-the-field losses, the biggest one being the death of former owner Art Modell, who brought the team to Baltimore before the 1996 season.

Modell died on Sept. 6, 2012, and the Ravens honored him by wearing a small patch with the word "Art" on it.

"Art Modell is the foundation, the bulwark of this organization," Harbaugh said in the press conference. "He and [owner] Steve [Bisciotti] come from the same place, even though they never knew each other...kind of how they see things. This organization has kind of lived on. Art's vision has kind of lived on from all the way back to the Cleveland days."

Harbaugh said even though Modell hadn't been the majority owner since after the 2003 season, he had a good relationship with the players on this team. Modell, especially in the Ravens' earlier days when he was still the majority owner, was very well known throughout the organization.

"Art Modell, who passed away this year, early in the season...had a big impact on our guys," Harbaugh said. "Everybody knew him to some degree. Some guys knew him as a good close friend, one guy spoke at his funeral."

Modell is a subject that will come up among the media throughout the country when the Ravens make it down to New Orleans, especially since he recently passed away and was such a well-known figure in the NFL. It could be something else that gives the Ravens a boost heading into the Super Bowl against the 49ers.