More criticism of Harbaugh ahead?

More criticism of Harbaugh ahead?
December 18, 2012, 10:30 pm
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At SB Nation’s Baltimore Beatdown, proprietor Bruce Raffel poses the question of whether John Harbaugh is losing control of the Ravens. Raffel cites a couple of unsportsmanlike-conduct penalties on Sunday, against Anquan Boldin and Cary Williams, as possible evidence. He doesn’t come out and state he believes this is the case — at least not yet.

He’s just sayin’.

It was just a couple of weeks back we heard the same sort of thing from NFL Network commentator Heath Evans.

“I think there’s a dysfunction on this team,” Evans said. “… I don’t think they have a chance to play championship football when there’s not enough respect for the head coach.”

Will this develop into a common theme about the Ravens if they flop through the rest of the regular season and go one-and-done in the playoffs? Certainly, a lot could depend on how things play out, but whenever a team fails to achieve the heights predicted for it, the coach becomes a usual suspect.

Blame must be assigned, especially if you’re a member of the media who prognosticated that the Ravens would go far. And however legitimate it may be to mention injuries, it seems no one wants to hear about that.

So if the Ravens keep losing, keep an ear out for — fair or not, legitimate or not — more Harbaugh talk.