More guesses on Ravens' opener

More guesses on Ravens' opener
March 26, 2013, 11:15 am
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Right now, everyone who follows or writes about the Ravens seems to have an opinion about where the team will open the season. 

Since the team has to start on the road and not at home, that leaves a number of interesting scenarios in the mix. The NFL will want the game that brings the most TV interest and ratings -- that's the way of the world nowadays, folks -- so there's many chances that have been gone over many times. 

But Peter King of Sports Illustrated put out a few interesting ideas in his always-interesting "Monday Morning Quarterback" column/blog on Monday. 

He said that it's too early to call but that, in his opinion, the most possible match-up for this first game would be the Ravens going to Denver. King added that there's a few twists to this one, especially now that Elvis Dumervil has left the building in Denver and landed in Baltimore. 

King then said "possible" would be the Ravens at Chicago-- "great city for the NFL to have the game" or  the Ravens at Pittsburgh "though I can tell you the Steelers would be shocked if the league sent the arch-rival Ravens to Heinz Field for the opener."

An even smaller possibility to King might be the Ravens opening at Denver. 

To me, the Ravens at Denver is looking a lot like it could be the game. But with the way the thought processes go among the big-wigs, who knows? Playing on the road isn't easy, and the Ravens are going to be coming into the game with a whole bunch of new players and a team that's got a much different look, so that won't help matters. 

What will be interesting to this observer also is to see who the Ravens get to open their home season the following week. That's something many people haven't talked about yet. Time will tell.