No Madden covers for Rice,Lewis

No Madden covers for Rice,Lewis
April 4, 2013, 11:45 am
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Ray Rice and the Ravens might have one less thing to worry about in the off-season. 

The dreaded "Madden Curse" probably won't be coming to or affecting Baltimore this year. Why? The team's site reported that Ray Rice and Ray Lewis were eliminated from the voting for the Madden Cover.

Both players had reached the Sweet 16 round, but then it ended. The team's web site said that EA Sports, which puts out the popular game, picked one current player plus a big name from each NFL team for fans to vote on in an effort to pick who'd be on the cover of Madden 25, the 25th anniversary of it. 

Rice lost to Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III. The site said that Griffin III got 63 percent of the vote in that match-up. 

Lewis fell to Detroit legend Barry Sanders as the running back did even better, finishing with 67 percent of that vote. The Ravens' site noted that the recently-retired linebacker made the cover of the game nine year ago. 

What's interesting about the supposed "Madden Curse" is that many don't even think it exists. Detroit wide receiver Calvin Johnson was on last year's cover and had one of the greatest seasons ever for a wide receiver. But some also swear it does exist. There's been other things like this in sports-- look at the Sports Illustrated cover jinx.

There are many who believe that appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated means something bad will happen to the person or team right afterwards. But that's also been shot down a lot-- including back in January when Joe Flacco was on the cover the week of the AFC title game with the Patriots. 

Flacco didn't do too badly there, did he?