Now comes Peyton Manning and Denver

Now comes Peyton Manning and Denver
December 11, 2012, 11:15 am
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Ravens aren't concerned with Caldwell's lack of play-calling experience

And now comes Peyton.

The Ravens have had enough fun facing Peyton Manning over the years when he's been with the Indianapolis Colts. Now they get more of that fun with him and the Denver Broncos. 

Plus, just like when Manning played with the Colts, he seems to come to Baltimore at a tough time. The Ravens have a two-game lead in the AFC North with three games left and are stumbling. They've dropped two in a row, games they could have won, and finish the season with Denver, the Giants and Cincinnati, not an easy task. 

This also comes after Monday's surprise firing of offensive coordinator Cam Cameron, so the Ravens are coming into the game after a very tough week. 

Playing Manning is a real test in so many ways because he can do so many things. He can beat you even when he doesn't have his best game. Remember the 15-6 playoff win in 2006? He didn't care up the Ravens' defense, but kept the ball moving just enough to keep the Baltimore offense off the field. 

Manning can do so many things so well and can hurt a defense in so many ways. The Ravens aren't coming in with everything perfect on defense. They're missing several key players and their passing coverage has been suspect in recent weeks. If coverage is having problems again, they'll have to get some kind of good pressure on Manning to make up for it, or this could be a very long day.

The possible return of Ray Lewis and/or Terrell Suggs certainly would help also. Both won't be at 100 percent if they're back on the field, but they'll give the defense a boost, something it really could use right about now. No matter who's on the field, playing against Manning is a test.