Offense needs to adjust to OC

Offense needs to adjust to OC
January 29, 2014, 11:00 am
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Now comes the fun part of hiring a new offensive coordinator (Gary Kubiak) and quarterbacks coach (Rick Dennison) and maybe more -- everyone needs to adjust. 

That starts with the man who runs the offense on the field, quarterback Joe Flacco. Kubiak knows how to work with quarterbacks who've won championships, he's certainly done it before. The question now is how much of an adjustment will it be for Flacco and Kubiak.

That's why the move to bring in Dennison to work with quarterbacks certainly looks good right here. He was an offensive coordinator with the Texans and knows how to run Kubiak's offense, but with the Ravens, he'll just have to worry about dealing with the quarterbacks. 

Flacco will have to learn things about Kubiak, and the coach is going to need to learn things about his quarterback. They'll have to figure out their theories about the offense, plays to run, and all kinds of stuff like that. This takes time, but the Ravens have the whole off-season. 

There's no question that Kubiak and Flacco have been successful before. Short, mid-range passing appears big in the Kubiak offense. He appears to love to use the tight ends, and all that kind of stuff would seem to fit nicely for Flacco. 

This doesn't seem like it will be a combination that would have much trouble connecting. Flacco doesn't know Kubiak like Vonta Leach, who played for him before. But still, both key guys need to get to know each other. And that takes time. But they've got plenty of it. That's why the work they do now should pay off in the fall -- or so the Ravens hope. 

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