Oher else? Eyes on Ravens left tackle

Oher else? Eyes on Ravens left tackle
December 23, 2012, 3:30 pm
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Left tackle won’t be the blind side for Ravens fans Sunday.

With his struggles this season — particularly in recent games — Michael Oher has shed the anonymity of an offensive lineman. An article in Sunday’s Sun discussed Oher, mentioning, among other things, that he has allowed more sacks than all but four other tackles in the NFL and has given up 40 quarterback pressures, most on the Ravens.

“You never want the quarterback getting hit,” Oher told The Sun. “We have to do it as a group, as an offense to help limit the hits on Joe [Flacco].”

The Giants’ talented pass rushers test the best offensive lineman, so Oher’s challenge is that much greater Sunday.

Oher’s performance also raises the question of his long-term role with the Ravens. The question was put to Ross Tucker, a former NFL lineman who’s now a football commentator on SiriusXM radio.

“Because he’s not that smooth and because he’s not a technician, he would probably best inside or maybe at right tackle,” Tucker said. “But they are kind of past that unless they get a better alternative at left tackle. Maybe he would be more of a Pro Bowl-caliber player at left guard, but do you want that or a functioning left tackle? Because he is a functioning left tackle.”

You can be sure lots of eyes will be on Oher during the Ravens-Giants game to see just how he functions.