Oher fared well at right tackle

Oher fared well at right tackle
February 20, 2013, 11:00 pm
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The moves the Ravens made with their offensive line at the start of the playoffs paid off nicely, a big reason they won the Super Bowl this season. 

The question is what happens next year-- especially with Michael Oher.

Coach John Harbaugh shifted him from left tackle to right tackle and placed Bryant McKinnie at left tackle, one of a few moves they made on the line. The veteran is more experienced at the position and, after not playing for most of the season, really anchored the line throughout its playoff run. 

Much of what happens with the line will depend upon what the Ravens do with McKinnie, a free agent. There's no doubt that Oher seems to play better on the right side. There were some thoughts when the Ravens drafted him that he'd be the replacement for Hall of Famer Jonathan Ogden. He still might be, but Oher might not be if right tackle is his better position.

Finding a replacement for someone like Ogden, who some feel might have been the best lineman to ever play the game, is not an easy task. McKinnie appears to want to come back, and if he does, it appears like the Ravens would keep Oher on the right side. The line just played better that way, and Oher clearly looked more comfortable on the right side than the left.

Oher might have some extra pressure on him because he's so well known due to "The Blind Side" book and movie. That put him into the spotlight at a time when many young players have enough trouble just trying to find their way in the NFL. 

So it will be interesting to see what the Ravens do at left tackle-- and for Oher.