Pees confident in his defense's abilities

Pees confident in his defense's abilities
January 31, 2013, 11:45 am
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Ravens have their hands full with Kaepernick

The question was a simple one. So was the answer. 

When Ravens defensive coordinator Dean Pees was asked, at a press conference this week, if he felt his defense could keep San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick under control, he didn't blink. 

“If we do what we’re supposed to do, I think we can," he said. " Yes."

The Ravens need to keep the multi-talented quarterback and the rest of the 49ers under control in Super Bowl XLVII Sunday to have a good shot at winning the Lombardi Trophy. But Kaepernick is probably the one player the Ravens need to watch most, for obvious reasons. 

He can run and throw with tremendous effectiveness, despite having been a starter in the NFL for just about one-half of a season.

But Pees said when preparing for quarterbacks in the NFL, every one of them has something different that a defense needs to watch for and be ready to stop.

"There’s nobody is this league that is strictly all passing, or anybody that is all running. They all have balance," Pees said. "The difference is the types of runs and the types of passes that they do. When you look at the Patriots, they’ve probably had one of the best years that they’ve ever had running the ball. You can’t go in and just say, ‘It’s all Tom Brady and we’ve got to stop the pass and not stop the run.’ "

Pees said that defenses need to stop what these offenses and quarterbacks do best -- as often as possible. 

That's why defenses have different game plans each week. Different quarterbacks and offenses do different things. 

"You’ve just got to have a scheme and a game plan that takes away as much as you can for both," he said. "There is no defense that can take away everything. You’ve just got to pick your spots and do a good job of game planning and trying to take away what they do best and that’s the same way with San Francisco, it’s just a different scheme.”