Pettine seeks to change Browns' outlook

Pettine seeks to change Browns' outlook
July 18, 2014, 9:30 am
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At the Cleveland Browns headquarters, new coach Mike Pettine has had a large sign installed by the cafeteria that implores his team to “Play like a Brown.”

The more cynical among you might consider that this version of the franchise has put up two winning seasons since it was rebooted in 1999, has won four or five games the last six years and is on its fifth head coach since 2008. You might even conclude that playing like a Brown means lots of losing and getting your coach fired.

But to Pettine, playing like a Brown encompasses these traits, as enumerated on that sign: accountable, relentless, productive, passionate, tough and competitive.

“The mental toughness is what every player has control over,” Pettine said (via “We’re all going to get knocked down. We’re all going to get our nose bloody. How do we respond to that? How quickly do we get up? How quickly are we right back into attack mode? And that’s critical.

“When you have a culture of losing that’s been here, you have to adapt your way of thinking. I faced it in New York, the same old Jets. It was in Buffalo, the same old Bills. Losing as a mentality is a habit. Just like winning is a habit.”

We haven't had anything on Johnny Manziel in, what, hours? So here we go: The Browns rookie quarterback already has shot a commercial for a local car dealer in the Cleveland area. In the spot, Manziel completes a pass to a Nissan that runs a crossing pattern, hitting it through the passenger-side window.

"Manziel made a perfect throw in the car," dealership owner Bernie Moreno told TMZ. "Everybody celebrated except the driver, who got out of the car with a huge welt on his face." You can see the video here.

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