Peyton Manning, half-man, half-machine

Peyton Manning, half-man, half-machine
January 8, 2013, 12:00 am
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Jackson: Ravens must keep Manning off the field

The Ravens will have a different look to them from when they lost to the Broncos last month, 34-17. This time around, they will have Ray Lewis, Dannell Ellerbe, Bernard Pollard and Marshal Yanda, who were out with injuries the last time. But will that make enough of a difference?

“Unless Baltimore can take out [Peyton] Manning and do it early, it won't matter how different or how much better the Ravens are,”’s Ashley Fox wrote. “It won't matter if Joe Flacco can throw the ball down the field like he did against the Colts. It won't matter if recently promoted offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell calls a sharp game. The Broncos with Manning will win, and it might not even be that close. …

“The Broncos are too relentless on defense and have too many weapons on offense. The Ravens played passionate football in Ray Lewis' final home game on Sunday. This will be a different environment. And emotion only carries a team so far.”

The only chance is getting to Manning, and Pollard said the guy isn’t even human.

"We've got the MacBook that's going to be under center," Pollard said. "That dude is a freaking computer, man. … I've always called him a machine. I've always called him a computer. Man, the guy studies. He understands. He's able to process things. That's why he will be in the Hall of Fame. …

"We have to get in his face all the time. We have to. All we can try to do is try to contain him. You're not going to stop him. The guy is a freaking machine.”

Maybe somebody can email him a virus?