Pollard calms down, adjusts his aim

Pollard calms down, adjusts his aim
January 7, 2013, 5:15 pm
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Harbaugh pleased with offense, defense, specials in win over Indy

Until the fourth quarter, the Ravens did OK with penalties.

There wasn’t much pre-snap or post-snap activity, coming off a regular-season finale in which they were flagged three times to finish with an NFL-high 35 personal foul penalties.

Then safety Bernard Pollard came a bit unhinged.

With less than 4 minutes remaining and the Ravens en route to a 24-9 victory against the Indianapolis Colts in a wild-card playoff game, Pollard was called for a helmet-to-helmet hit on receiver Reggie Wayne.

He acknowledged it wasn’t his intent to make contact to the head but that it was the correct call. Then Pollard was hit with a 15-yard penalty for taunting when he went onto the Colts’ sideline and got in the face of a staff member, possibly an assistant or position coach, who he said hurled expletives at him because of his hit on Wayne.

“You got to watch what you say. You don’t talk to players like that,” Pollard said. “I don’t care. You got to respect everybody around the league. You respect him as a man. You don’t sit there and curse and demean somebody just because you got a big hit.

“I didn’t try go in there trying and illegally hit Reggie Wayne. He ducked his head. I’m playing ball. I’m on the field, he’s not. He needs to be quiet.”

Coach John Harbaugh stood by Pollard’s assessment of what happened. He said the Ravens are analyzing the footage of the verbal spat to determine what should, if anything, happen next.

“That’s something we are looking into. Apparently there was something that was said. Obviously you don’t go back into their bench. Bernard said that already. He knows that. You don’t respond,” Harbaugh said. “But there was some things said that apparently were out of line.”

On the hit, Harbaugh determined it was illegal and is insisting to his team to adjust their aim to comply with the more stringent NFL rules. 

“You just got to get the strike zone down. What’s happening is you take the strike zone into this low chest area and you think you’re going to be legal when all of a sudden the helmet (of the other players) is in that area. So the only answer is to go lower. That’s what we’re going to have to do."