Pollard wants action from NFL on Brady's foul play

Pollard wants action from NFL on Brady's foul play
January 21, 2013, 2:30 pm
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Tom Brady: "They earned it"

Ravens safety Bernard Pollard has seen his share of financial discipline from the NFL office, which could be giving him a call for his blow to the head of New England Patriots receiver Wes Welker in Sunday's AFC championship game.

But Pollard, who knocked out Stevan Ridley with a vicious hit in the fourth quarter that was deemed clean by game officials, is eagerly waiting to see what the league does about Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

With 20 seconds left in the second quarter, as Brady was scrambling outside the pocket, he dropped down to avoid a blow from Ravens safety Ed Reed. But Brady extended his right leg –- spikes up -- in what appeared to be an attempt to take out Reed’s legs.

Reed was fortunate to avoid having his knee jammed on the play as he anticipated the kick and leaped over Brady. Pollard, who has long argued that the NFL doesn't penalize offensive players equally, particularly quarterbacks, isn't buying any excuses that it was incidental contact. 

“When you slide…everything is on the ground. He knew what he was doing,” Pollard said. “It has to go both ways. Hopefully the NFL will do something about it.”

Reed was fined more than $100,000 by the NFL for hits on defenseless receivers this season.

The NFL hit Detroit Lions lineman Ndamukong Suh with a $30,000 fine for a similar play during a Thanksgiving Day game vs.  Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub.

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