Projecting Ravens' future

Projecting Ravens' future
December 16, 2012, 3:15 am
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Let’s play a little prediction game with the Ravens. No, not predicting whether they will win or lose Sunday — though it’s hard to feel confident about picking them to win after the last two weeks’ performances — but rather projecting the conventional-wisdom reaction to the team depending on the outcome.

*Ravens win (regardless of how close the game is): Everything is OK. They have righted the ship. The move to fire Cam Cameron was just what the offense needed. Beating Peyton Manning means the defense is playoff-ready and will be even better by the postseason because it performed without Ray Lewis and with an injured Terrell Suggs. This win was the best wedding present Suggs could get.

*Ravens lose a close game: They are feeling the pressure. The offense/defense can’t close the deal. They may still make the playoffs, but they’ll lose their first game. They can’t beat Peyton Manning. The football gods are aligning the stars against the Ravens.

*Ravens lose by a lot: This team may not win another game the rest of the season. The accumulated injuries on defense are simply too much to overcome. No one should mention Joe Flacco in the same sentence with “elite” anymore. It wasn’t Cam Cameron’s fault.