Purple is everywhere in Baltimore

Purple is everywhere in Baltimore
January 28, 2013, 10:15 am
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Ravens try to retain a sense of normalcy in Super Bowl prep

Since the Ravens earned a spot in the Super Bowl last Sunday night, I've been keeping some kind of an informal notebook of how many places and people I've seen with something about the team. The truth is-- it's been almost everywhere.

I've seen people of all ages wearing stuff. My six-year old nephew loves Joe Flacco and wore his No. 5 jersey in a visit to my house last week. There was an older man I saw walking in a hospital last week wearing a Ray Lewis jersey. I saw two ladies wearing jerseys when eating lunch in Towson-- and one of them had colored her hair purple. 

There was a dog with some kind of a Ravens jersey walking on my street. When I went to a bank in Towson, there was a bunch of football stuff and the color purple could be seen everywhere-- and that wasn't even M&T Bank. 

When I covered a high school basketball tournament last Friday, the security guards were talking Ravens and wondering what Ray Rice could do against the San Francisco defense. I even saw some things from the Ravens in Washington Saturday when covering FanFest for the Nats. 

It just seems to be everywhere.

The town of Baltimore has gone Ravens-crazy. Please pardon me if the grammar isn't exactly correct there, but there's a whole lot of people who are fired up about the Ravens heading to the Super Bowl. Having your team get to a championship game can be really special. 

I remember watching the Colts win Super Bowl V with my dad and a bunch of his friends, and this eight-year old boy just couldn't understand why all these men were jumping up and down over and over again. I remember the same thing when the Orioles won the World Series a few months before that. 

Sports can let you forget about real life for a little while, can't it? But things like this just make it fun. I'll probably see 10 times more purple/Ravens stuff this week -- and will love every minute of it.