Ravens Bernard Pierce has shoulder surgery

Ravens Bernard Pierce has shoulder surgery
January 30, 2014, 10:45 am
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The Sun reported Wednesday that Bernard Pierce had surgery to repair his right rotator cuff (shoulder). 

Pierce, the back-up to Ray Rice at running back, was slowed by injuries in 2013. He played a big role in the team's winning the Super Bowl last winter but never came close to that form again this year. 

He injured the shoulder earlier in the season and The Sun reported also that he dealt with other injuries throughout 2013 as the Ravens never found much success with their running game. Rice also dealt with injury issues, and the offensive line didn't come close to the performance level of a year before. 

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The Sun reported that Pierce will probably need four to five months of rehabilitation but is expected to come back to 100 percent. 

Pierce really played a big role in the Super Bowl run last year. He is a good complement to Rice as the former Temple back runs with power and speed. The Ravens often used him to give Rice a rest during Pierce's rookie year of 2012, but the former Temple back starting becoming more and more productive as time went on -- especially in the playoffs. 

But Pierce, like Rice, had to deal with injury problems, possibly a reason the ground attack didn't come close to the success of a year before. Rice's injuries probably opened the door a bit for Pierce, but he averaged just 2.9 yards per carry. In 2012, Pierce had an average of 4.9 yards, a big difference.