Ravens coordinator knows Clark and Stokley well

Ravens coordinator knows Clark and Stokley well
August 12, 2013, 6:30 pm
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Brandon Stokley fitting in well, Brent Harris reports

Offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell has new tools to work with.

The additions of Dallas Clark and Brandon Stokley have the potential to add a different dimension to the Ravens’ offense. Both are adept at working the middle of the field, something Caldwell loves to do. Both Clark and Stokley are also familiar with Caldwell. Clark and Caldwell spent nine seasons together with the Colts, while Stokley spent four seasons with Caldwell when he was an assistant coach in Indianapolis.

Sometimes a player's success depends heavily on the system, and both Clark and Stokley are familiar with Caldwell’s system. Caldwell's familiarity with both players factored into the Ravens’ decision to acquire them, although Caldwell downplayed that after Monday’s practice.

“John (Harbaugh) and Ozzie (Newsome) take a look at all of the possibilities and make determinations as such,” Caldwell said. “They’ll ask us what our opinion is, but it doesn’t carry the weight. They see if it’s a good fit for us, and make the decision from there.”

The Ravens hope Stokley and Clark can do some of the things that Anquan Boldin and Dennis Pitta did last season. It’s no coincidence that Boldin and Pitta had many of their best games after Caldwell became offensive coordinator in December. Caldwell likes spreading the field and giving his slot and inside receivers room to operate. The Ravens still have plenty of outside speed with Torrey Smith and Jacoby Jones. However, without Boldin and Pitta, the Ravens need other players who can win matchups over the middle and make tough catches in traffic.

That’s where Stokley and Clark come in. Whatever they have left, whether it’s a lot or a little, expect Caldwell to utilize it.