Ravens could pick any position

Ravens could pick any position
April 19, 2013, 8:00 pm
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Ozzie Newsome and the Ravens didn't want to show any of their cards when talking with the media at a pre-draft press conference earlier this week. 

And that's understandable. But one thing the longtime GM did say --the Ravens won't be focused on just one position. They'll look at anyone they like, something he made very clear in this long comment when asked about who the team might be interested in.

"To say we aren’t going to take the best player, that would be wrong," Newsome said. "But like at the outset, they talked about us taking some interior defensive linemen. We could do that. Could we take some inside linebackers? We could do that. Could we take some safeties? We could do that. We won’t pass up a good corner. You don’t ever have enough good corners. You don’t ever have enough good pass rushers. So, could we come away and say out of the 12 picks – if we use all of them – seven or eight could probably be on defense? Yes. But, they will be the best players at the time we pick them.”

In other words, it's a definite possibility of a firm maybe.

The Ravens, even though they won the Super Bowl last year, have holes. Every NFL team's got holes, but the Ravens really lost some players to free agency and retirement. Where they are isn't a mystery to anyone. They could really use some help on defense, especially at linebacker, and at other spots. 

But, as Newsome said, they like to grab the best player available. That's why it's so hard to predict what the Ravens will do in a draft. They stick to their philosophy and even though defense probably is the place the Ravens want help, it doesn't mean that's the only place they'll look.