Ravens could still be in running for Freeney

Ravens could still be in running for Freeney
March 22, 2013, 11:00 am
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If the Ravens can't land Elvis Dumervil, they might have a shot at Dwight Freeney, according to various media reports

The Pro Football Talk web site said that the Steelers, Ravens and Broncos are in the mix for both players. They posted a report very late Thursday that said Dumervil's going to pick between the Ravens and Denver and that the team which doesn't get him would probably wind up with Freeney. Although there is still a chance Pittsburgh could be an alternative in that situation. 

The Ravens have made it clear that they're looking for a pass rusher in this off-season of mass exodus from their defense. They've already lost top pass rusher Paul Kruger to Cleveland and getting pressure on the passer wasn't one of their strong suits last year. 

How the Dumervil situation works out with Denver will be interesting to see. PFT said there's some "hard feelings" between the two sides right now after last Friday's fiasco where agent Marty Magid failed to fax the needed paperwork back to the Denver offices on time. They've offered a "lower package [because of] cap acceleration resulting from the termination of Dumervil's prior contract."

So one player's decision could affect two or three teams, and it will be interesting to see how it plays out. If the Ravens can get either one of these two, it will go a long way towards helping the defense -- and the secondary, often tested in the early part of 2012 when the pass rush didn't do very well.