Ravens do better with extra time

Ravens do better with extra time
January 27, 2013, 9:45 pm
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49ers fans confident going into Super Bowl

The extra week between the AFC title game and the Super Bowl might be boring for some fans, but it might turn out to be a help for the Ravens in next Sunday's game with San Francisco.

ESPN reported this weekend that the Ravens are 6-0 under John Harbaugh when they have an extra week to prepare. They always seem to play very well coming off a bye week in the regular season. 

The extra week obviously gives coaches more time to come up with things to put in the game plan for the players. ESPN also reported Sunday that the Ravens already have put in their game plan, practiced it and are moving forward to prepare for working on things again this week while practicing in New Orleans. 

"We are just going to have to get prepared for a really great football team, and we’ll go to work on that this week," Harbaugh said in his press conference with the media last Monday.

Good coaches are much like good teachers. They can help their players improve in certain areas, and that's something which can make the whole team better. 

The 49ers, according to ESPN, are 3-0-1 under Jim Harbaugh with an extra week. But since both teams have it, both should be helped. The Ravens might need it a little more to get adjusted to the new twists and turns that the 49ers can throw at them on offense since Colin Kaepernick took over at quarterback midway through the season. 

The 49ers landed in New Orleans on Sunday night while the Ravens are headed down there on Monday to get ready for Super Bowl XLVII.