Ravens draftee Brown a 'miracle' to family

Ravens draftee Brown a 'miracle' to family
April 27, 2013, 4:00 am
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At Kansas State, Arthur Brown wore “A. Brown Jr.” on the back of his jersey. The linebacker, taken in the second round of the draft by the Ravens on Friday, wanted to send a message about his family.

“I have always wanted to play with my full name on my jersey,” he told The Wichita Eagle — his hometown newspaper — for an article published in November. “It’s a great way to honor my father and my whole family.”

Arthur Brown Sr. was understandably proud, but then again, the elder Brown has taken joy in his son from time he was born 22 years ago.

“He was a miracle,” Brown Sr. told the Eagle.

Many parents believe their children are miracles, but Leionnie and Arthur Brown Sr. had — still have — even more reason to feel so. Arthur Brown Jr. wasn’t their first baby. Their first-born never made it to age 2. He died of sickle-cell anemia. Because that is a genetic disease passed on by the parents, the Browns were taking the chance of enduring that awful pain again if they had another child.

They took the risk, named the boy after his father and the Browns received the miracle of a child with no trace of sickle cell. They gave young Arthur a brother, Bryce (a year younger, he’s also a football player, a running back for the Eagles), and he, too, was born free of the disease.

“They are the blessings of all blessings,” the father said. “They completely defied the odds.”

When you beat those kind of odds, whether you go in the first or second round doesn’t seem nearly as important.