Ravens enjoyed victory, now thinking Broncos

Ravens enjoyed victory, now thinking Broncos
January 7, 2013, 10:30 am
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Ed Reed: Not about payback in Denver

By the time you read this, the Ravens will already be completely focused on the Denver Broncos. 

That's who the Ravens play -- on the road -- in Saturday's AFC semifinal. They've got plenty to worry about, because Peyton Manning and Denver made them look bad in a 34-17 victory in Baltimore a few weeks ago. 

However, the Ravens were missing some key players on defense thanks to injuries when Denver came to town in December. Ray Lewis is back, and he came up big in this weekend's victory over the Colts in an AFC Wild-Card match-up, and they'll need his help once more in what could be the final game of his career. 

Still, the loss to Denver doesn't leave the Ravens frightened about taking on the Broncos, a point that coach John Harbaugh made clear in his post-game press conference Sunday. 

“We’re looking forward to it," Harbaugh said. "You know, in the playoffs, you play great teams. Every single team you play is a great football team. I like the fact that our team has been here before. We’ve got a lot of respect for them. Denver came in here and played really well against us and beat us pretty good. We’re looking forward to the opportunity to go play them again.”

It was clear from what players and Harbaugh said after the Indy game that the Ravens really are looking forward to getting a second shot at the Broncos. 

Anquan Boldin made that very clear when speaking with the media Sunday. When asked how much he's looking forward to playing Denver, Boldin didn't miss a beat. 

"Really looking forward to it," he said. "I was hoping we would get them. So, they’ll see us next week."

He was then asked if he thought things could be different for the Baltimore offense this time around, Boldin got a determined look on his face.

"We’ll make it different," he said quietly.