Ravens face a long night

Ravens face a long night
April 25, 2013, 11:15 am
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The one bad point about winning the Super Bowl is that the championship team subsequently gets the last pick in the first round of the NFL Draft. That's why the Ravens could have a very long evening tonight when Round 1 takes place.

There's a lot of things that GM Ozzie Newsome could do for coach John Harbaugh's team. He could trade up, trade down or do nothing and just let the Ravens pick there at last in the first round. 

The bottom line is that, unless the Ravens make some kind of trade to move up, they'll be sitting and waiting to see what everyone else does before making their pick.

Bo Smolka wrote in his blog today about how the Ravens traded out of the first round last year and got Courtney Upshaw early in the second round from Alabama. That's a possibility again this year as many players in that part of the talent pool are rated to be pretty similar in ability. 

In the end, whatever happens is going to deal with what the Ravens think is best for them. As has been written many times, the Ravens want to take the best player left on the board, and they'll figure out their strategy based upon where things are as the first round goes on. 

The first round of the NFL Draft is now a TV event. The NFL's done a great job of making it a special night, and since football's gotten so popular now, fans are eating it up. 

That's why so many Baltimore fans are so curious to see what the Ravens will be doing in the first round, especially since there's been such a turnover in the roster since they won the Super Bowl nearly three months ago. It should be an interesting night.