Ravens good example of working NFL calendar

Ravens good example of working NFL calendar
June 1, 2014, 5:00 pm
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2015 NFL Draft Names to Watch

We could be seeing a spurt of free-agent activity in the NFL in coming days, Pro Football Talk says, and the Ravens are a prime example why.

As explained by Mike Florio at PFT, the NFL’s rules are constituted so that a team that waits until after June 1 to sign anyone who became a free agent on March 11 doesn’t have to give up a draft pick to the player’s former team as compensation.

This worked out really well for the Ravens with Daryl Smith. Signed after he left the Jacksonville Jaguars, Smith started every game at inside linebacker for Baltimore last season and was the team’s most consistent performer at linebacker. The Ravens didn’t owe the Jaguars anything. (Well, maybe a thank-you for letting him go, but that’s all.)

PFT said the Ravens could go this route again, possibly looking at Eric Winston, an eight-year starter in the NFL, including last season with the Arizona Cardinals, as someone who could fit at right tackle. Another speculative move in the AFC North is quarterback Rex Grossman reuniting with offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan in Cleveland, serving as a backup/tutor to Johnny Manziel. Grossman served in Shanahan’s offense in Washington and Houston.

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