Ravens having post-Super Bowl fun

Ravens having post-Super Bowl fun
February 27, 2013, 11:30 am
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Did you see Ed Reed on the red carpet at the Oscars the other night? He was pretty good out there. 

And did you see John Harbaugh on Letterman? Or Joe Flacco on that show? Now, Jacoby Jones will be on "Dancing With The Stars." Ray Rice found his way on to "Kelly and Michael." So many non-sports fans in the country now know a whole lot more about the Baltimore Ravens than they did a few weeks ago. 

This is what happens when you win a very dramatic Super Bowl.

Or any Super Bowl, for that matter. The Ravens are loving it, having a blast and enjoying the fun that comes with that championship. Now, when it's time to start working again, Harbaugh will need to keep them focused once more. 

It's a story that's been the same throughout all time. This was the team's goal -- to win the Super Bowl -- and now that they've done it, can they have that same hunger once more. 

That's just human nature. You wanted a goal for so long and reached it. It's natural to relax a little. But it's doubtful that Harbaugh will ease up. If anything, he will push them even harder. He talked about that at the end-of-season press conference a few weeks ago. In the end, they won the Super Bowl, and they're having some off-season fun from it, but when the bell rings, it's going to be about how good can they be in 2013.

"I’m proud of our guys beyond belief, our organization – from top to bottom and sideways – and everybody involved. Every face you see, you know, you want to give them a big hug and thank them," Harbaugh said that day. "That’s really what it boils down to. And guys go back to work. We talk to our team about, ‘We’ve got to improve.’ We have to get better next year as a football team, just like we always do. That’s going to be our goal."