Ravens insult from another corner?

Ravens insult from another corner?
January 18, 2013, 12:00 am
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Yet another insult to the Ravens, this time from — of all places — Bed Bath & Beyond.

Now, normally, the connection between Bed Bath & Beyond and football is usually along the lines of this: Husband agrees to go on shopping trip to BB&B in exchange for an uninterrupted afternoon of watching football.

But now the store has stepped way beyond the bed & bath. BB&B has dissed the Ravens!

At least, that’s what the evidence posted on Facebook shows. One fan passed along an image she said she received in an email on Thursday, advertising NFL team logo insulated tumblers, advising fans to “Show your team loyalty all the way to game day!” Pictured are four tumblers, obviously meant to represent the remaining teams in the playoffs. There’s the Patriots, 49ers, Falcons and … Broncos??!!!!

Ravens fans, where do the insults end?