Ravens keeping it loose at the Super Bowl

Ravens keeping it loose at the Super Bowl
January 29, 2013, 7:30 pm
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The Ravens sure seem happier this time around. 

When they came to the Super Bowl against the Giants 12 years ago, there's no question that there was some kind of an edge to them, almost like a chip on their shoulders. They thought there wasn't the right kind of respect given to them, especially from the Ray Lewis situation a year before. 

And that edge carried them throughout the week and helped pull off a decisive win over the Giants. But this time, the Ravens appear more loose. They're still going with the "nobody thought we'd make it" thing. However, there's a lot more smiles. 

Part of that may be from the fact that they really wanted to make sure Lewis got to play his final game in the Super Bowl. That really drove this team. The day he made his announcement that this would be his "final ride," several players said they, "had to get to New Orleans."

In a way, they've kind of gotten a big goal already. Of course, they don't want to lose, but they're giving their captain the kind of send-off they feel he deserves. He's ending his career in a way the team is happy with. 

That's probably why there's so many smiles. Plus, they've been the underdogs for most of the post-season, and they are again. So, they're kind of playing with house money and what's there to be upset about. Not many thought they'd make it this far, and they did. 

They've gotten to the Super Bowl, feel confident and seem to be enjoying it. The big question is what happens from this point on.